Our Mission

Touch Me Tease Me is a company designed to help models from beginner to professional. Our job is to manage our ladies and gentleman so they have a secure financial future with stability; and long lasting residual income. Most people would like to retire by the age of 60. If you want to enjoy life, and retire with a residual income in 2 to 5 years from now, then this is the place for you; where you can have the opportunity to travel the world, afford the car you always wanted to drive, afford your dream house, run your own business, help your family and make major investments; just to name a few.

We help you climb that ladder to YOUR success in more ways than one. We don't release all our secrets, but part of our mission is to help you get to where you want to be and to be able to enjoy life, improve your credit score, and live that American Dream of having your very own Black Card. (What's a black card? A Black Card has no limit to what you can buy. If you wanted to go on a lot and buy a $250,000 vehicle you have the luxury of doing so with a Black Card.) Here at TouchMe TeaseMe, we pride ourselves on helping those who help themselves. Unfortunately most models are broke month-after-month because they don't know how to manage and invest their money. We set you up on a financial road to success. Our TouchMe TeaseMe Models make some of the highest payouts, and will be broadcasted on most popular sites to gain constant traffic.

Most companies would like you to do this forever. Thats not part of the Touch MeTease Me mission, its your decision to be a model for as long as you like; but we provide the training and the tools to be much more than just a model but an icon. We promote you to accomplished those goals, we dont settle for leass and we dont want you to settle either! Our mission is for you to be your own boss and be successful at running your own business; to give you that flexibility to spend more time shopping, traveling, and changing the legacy of your family forever. Why be rich when you could be wealthy.

There is an ugly side to this industry. Just like any other jobs, you will run into rude and obnoxious people. If you have clients at certain times during the day, youre going to want to be available; however, some of your clients would like to meet you, and you would need to know how to avoid that; while at the same time, being equipped with the skills to retain them as clients. We will show you how. The servers, host, and companies that we use to build your financial future gives you protection. Some companies don't have this ability, allowing stalkers to find out your phone number and where you live. Please ladies and gentlemen stay protected, and do not meet your clients unless you're in the escort part of our industry. Also, please don't think you can just turn on your computer and dollar bills just come running out. You have to know how to keep your customers interest as long as possible, and keep them coming back. Have no fear, this is where we come in, we help you train to overcome negative objectives with positive objectives.

The good about this industry, is that it's easier than any 9 to 5 job making only $20,000 a year when you have the potential to make this in one month. You can get out of bed and start working in your pajamas. You can decide to work when you like. You have the ability to work from home or Rome, London, Italy, Las Vegas, etc., wherever it is you would like to travel. You can work for two weeks and take off the rest of the month. How many other companies would give you the ability to do this? Here at Touch Me Tease Me, we set ourselves apart from other major companies. The difference between us and other companies is that we care about your future!!!

I'm ready to get started!!